It’s Time to Boycott Mainstream Media

Mainstream media in the United States has always tried to dictate how we should think and sway us to believe that their word is the last. Now, they have pushed a lot of us over the edge!

It seems that every mainstream media outlet in this country is on the Obama payroll; they’ve leaned so far left that they are about to tip over and we have the power to make them fall…or at least hurt.

If you are like me and many others I know you are sick of this belittlement of our intellect and ready to hit back!

Now is the time to cancel hard copy (newspapers, magazines etc.) of all outlets who practice this one sided approach to journalism. If they have paid website subscriptions and you are a subscriber cancel it. If you visit online media sites that are free and want to keep doing that, don’t click on any ads. Boycott any advertisers who buy time on television during news programming. NPR radio is as big a violator of our rights to fair and unbiased reporting as anyone and if you donate money during their fund drives don’t do it next time.

Apparently, the only way that we can fight back is to hit them where it hurts…the money!

I hope you will join me in this fight and spread the word as well as apply some of the suggestions I’ve made. If you blog then write about who you feel about their practices and encourage others to write and boycott too.

If they start seeing their profits beginning to dwindle perhaps they will realize that if they want to earn our trust and keep it they will have to learn to practice responsible journalism!

A Betrayal of Truth–An Open Letter to NPR and the rest of the Mainstream Media

Somehow I knew you would but still, as a faithful listener to NPR, I somehow hoped that you would strive for integrity instead of being another player in the circus that is mainstream media.

I am a middle aged white male and I have never really believed in heroes but, if I had a hero it would be Dr. Martin Luther King. Aligning Obama with Dr. King is a travesty. I truly don’t think that Dr. King would have approved of how Senator Obama came to be the Democratic nominee for President of the United States.

It’s obvious that no one in the mainstream media would admit it but Mr. Obama, and the American public on the whole is not as stupid as you people obviously think we are, is a product of the inept and irresponsible mainstream media.

Obama uses the word “Hope” a lot and that’s about it. He has no substance to his, so called, plans for America…every thing he talks about, that he will do is vague; totally lacking in detail and he doesn’t even say how he plans to accomplish his vague offerings.

He claims he stands for change yet in his name the country is being railroaded by his corrupt organization and the media who, we know, thinks that Obama will make for a better story. That’s all you people care about. It’s not important that Obama does not have what it takes to lead America in these volatile times.

I am an independent, and I would have voted for Hillary Clinton for President because I think she has the strength of will and charter to lead this country…Obama doesn’t!

I believe that the 2008 Democratic powers that be will go down in history as the most corrupt and irresponsible faction of their party in the history of the United States of America. I’m also sure that history will not forget the part the American media has played in this outrageous charade.

National Public Radio indeed…how can you people claim to represent our nation when you ignore the truth and the will of over half of this country’s population, who seek truth, and who deserve the truth and expect it. We have been let down by you, the media, and the Democratic Party this year and that is why Mr. Obama will not be our next president!

D L Ennis
Frustrated American Citizen