Miracle of the Forests

I see God in everything. I look out my window and see Him in the trees… I see the miracle of the forests again.

© 2011 D L Ennis, All rights reserved

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Our Miracle Delivered!

We have right at 6 acres of land covered mostly with huge white pines and I have been calling different loggers for over a month and they kept telling me that with the building industry as it is they can’t give away white pine. I called a guy today that I hadn’t been able to get up with and caught him at home…he told me, “I can’t give away white pine.” I told him our situation and he said let me make a couple of calls and I’ll call you back…he did and asked me how much money I needed and I told him $3000.00 he said I can do that and came out and looked at the timber and is coming back tomorrow to get started and give me the check. The bank gave us until Monday 20 to come up with the money. We get to keep the place!

Thank all of you who remembered us in prayer and sent us positive energy so much…thanks to you and the power of your prayer as well as the amazing work of God our mortgagee is caught up and we are not homeless! I am astounded!

Special thanks to:

God of course!

My dear friends of over thirty years Randy and Linda Johnson for their support and keeping us in their prayers with relentless devotion!

And my dear friend the Happy Catholic for keeping us in prayer! http://happycatholic.blogspot.com/

And my dear friend, author and poet Brian, who actually offered us a place to live! http://hummingbunny.wordpress.com/

Lots of love to you all!

Gods Glorious Light

Gods Glorious Light

After three days of gloom and rain left me in a dark mood, God split the clouds and showered me in His glorious light, and lift me up to the heavens and I was at peace…

2008 D L Ennis, All rights reserved.

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