(Opinion) Afghanistan…Why are we still there?

The fact that Obama, a lawyer, has a war plan for Afghanistan is in itself outrageous to say the very least. Our Generals and the pentagon no longer plan war strategies and have actually become as useless as the United Nations and as laughable as the Nobel Peace Prize since Obama, a lawyer, was awarded it…go figure.

Congress and the Senate, all lawyers, also have no more business involved in war decisions of strategy and the release of information that endanger our troops. If we are going to be a warring nation, a country that tries to impose our capitalist ways and Christianity on everyone else in the world shouldn’t our generals, the pentagon, and Pat Robertson be running the country?

Scary and makes no more sense than Lawyers running a war and lawyers running our country…after all no one trust a lawyer!

Wouldn’t we be better served if top notch and trusted academics ran the country and the pentagon charged with building the best defensive military and stop the lawyers from taking us to war to satisfy their egos, greed, and bullying ways and to impose our ways on the world.

Back to my question (Afghanistan…Why are we still there?) It is a losing battle, a war we can’t win, there is no saving face. Afghanistan has a drug based economy and nothing to replace it with, i.e. it can’t be fixed. We should leave asap and stop the loss of American lives and the flood of money that would be better placed in the rebuilding and improvement of our countries infrastructure thus creating much needed jobs; what the money should have been being used for all along as well as the money spent on the presidents special interest entities—financial institutions and the auto industry…

D L Ennis © July 24, 2010

The Selling Out of American Media

The American media, in all of its forms, has become a farce. It’s not a knew plague of untruth and injustice except that the scale of abuse. of their responsibility has spread to seemingly infect every outlet.

What ever happened to reporting the facts?

Why must they inflect their opinions on us so vehemently?

Are we not entitled to receive the facts, without prejudice, so that we may develop our on opinions based on those facts?

Never has the abuse of “freedom of the press” been so obviously abused as in this year, 2008, in the reporting of candidates for the presidency of the United States. A most important decision in these volatile times and we are left to form our opinions based on the opinions on media personalities who are only out to draw attention to themselves; to serve their own agendas.

These days every news outlet, be it newspaper or otherwise should be required to have included in their title, “All Opinion All the Time.”

You would think that in a time when citizen’s opinions of the media are already that they are, for the most part, incompetent that they would be working to improve their image.

Their blatant abuse of the freedoms given the by our constitution is both a travesty and letdown.

All of American media has been reduced to being worthy of grocery store checkout isles!

In Third World America–A Trunk Full of Blues

This is an update on my current health issues for those that are interested…

Let me say up front that I am not asking for anything from anyone!!!

My health is still in question as it pertains to which way my life is going. I am seeking different doctors even though I have no faith in the medical profession at all!

My mood is about as low as it has ever been but my blues and worries have shifted from my self to my wife. Medical bills are filling a trunk and we are no longer making ends meet. If I pass then my wife is going to inherit more of a burden than she will be able to endure I fear.

What ever happens to me I have to find a way to leave her in better shape than it looks to be at this time. I’m becoming very desperate and am not sure where these feelings are going to lead me. I’m very tired and weak and don’t know what to do.

Anyway I don’t know when or if I’ll be posting again so take care friends and when you vote this year I ask that you consider those of us who live in the third world country, within the US, that goes largely ignored by the greedy self-serving masses.

If this makes no sense I apologize; I am very angry and bummed-out!!!!!!