About D L Ennis

Art is the quintessence of emotion, civilization, and thought!

D L Ennis is a freelance writer/photographer born in Yorktown, Virginia in 1952. Since then he has lived and worked in many places and done many things to make a living. D L worked as a musician until the age of 30 at which time he met his lovely wife, Dawn; they now live with their five dogs in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.               

Music took him all over the United States, parts of Canada, and Mexico. Throughout his years as a musician, he was doing some freelance writing and photography. Since his marriage to Dawn, he has settled down making writing/photography a full time endeavor. D L is published both in print and on-line.  

D L’s photography has been shown all over the world and his work is now in countless private and public galleries and collections. Many of D L’s images have been used in educational materials…software, books, PowerPoint presentations, magazines, etc. 

70 responses to “About D L Ennis

  1. D L your photography speaks for itself…. puts one at ease and makes us appreciate life and nature.
    Stephen Azzato

  2. I happened by your site and your photography is stunning. I am an author too and love nature photography. I have just a lovely little digital camera but it does seem to work well for me.

    If you don’t mind sharing – are your photos touched up in any way – the colors are so astounding! Whether they are or not, it matters little, as they are comforting, warm and full of love for our still beautiful earth.

    You are bookmarked. Thank you.

  3. By accident stumbled on your ethereal photos! I too am an artist and completely mesmerized with your nature shots! I live near a tropical rainforest and am glad that I can see some more magical sights other than my part of the world—your world :-)! Thank you!

  4. Wow. It’s truly amazing – we seem to be so very similar. My primary passion in life is music too. I play the violin (classical). I really hope to get a breakthrough in that.
    AND I love writing and photography too. Though, of course, I cannot compare my photographs with yours any day. I have been dying to get a D-SLR camera but just can’t afford it 😦

  5. narziss-I hope you get all that you want from music and I am betting you will!

    I also know that you are an excellent writer and photographer…I’ve seen your work!

  6. It is great and I love your photography. Captured so many nice photographs of nature which I admire.

    You must be a very dedicated, patient and of course also a photographic eye.

    Thanks for sharing

  7. just couldn’t stop from commenting on such beautiful work, dlennis 🙂
    esp.ly your takes on the mist,the never ending roads, and also the trees always seem to hide something 🙂

    and yea wanted to give a special mention about the Autumn Dawn and Autumn Smile………

    another fan added and still counting……..
    😉 😀

  8. I just installed a plugin that put all my commenters on the sidebar. And I saw D L Ennis and thought “Who is that?” So I went to comments and searched and found a comment you made in September. One word “beautiful”. It was the best comment I ever got coming from someone like you and I totally missed it. Til now. So Thank You DLEnnis. And thank you also for giving me a nice place to visit and watch my favorite river go along its beautiful way.

  9. I definitely have to come by here more often, your pictures are absolutely amazing.

    The way I judge photos is by motivation to write about them or the mood they are set in. I can see many stories and images being born from your pictures. Love the one with the tractor on the fresh cut field. Love, love, love it.

  10. I have been a fan of yours for so long, and loved every one of your photographs, through your eyes I have learn to see, and love Virginia, what a blessing you’ve been given to have the sight to see it the way you do…and what a blessing we’ve received to have you share them with us..I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers, and with your permission will send out the healing rays of Reiki to you in this time of need..thank you, thank you..

  11. I found your photos on JPG and as I went through all of them I realized how at peace they make me feel and felt that I needed to share that with you. I always thought I wanted to shoot landscapes and not people and it seems I’ve done the opposite…maybe that’s due to my 2 small boys.

    I am glad that I have found and seen your work. I am truly sorry that you are not doing well and will send good thoughts your way. Never underestimate the power of good thoughts – I’ve witnessed what they can do.

    I will be back to visit often, to see your work and to hear how you are doing. Best wishes to you.

  12. I am editor of a retirement facility newsletter and a week ago, we lost our fabulous photographer (age 77) to a massive heart attack while he was doing what he loved most (besides photography), hiking with his wife on Marin’s beautiful Mt. Tamalpais.
    Our next issue of the Newsletter will be dedicated to Ed and his photos, and while searching the Web for quotes to accompany them, I came across your poetry. Would you allow me to use one or two of your poems, with credit to you and your website, of course.
    Thank you so much for your beautiful thoughts and lovely photos.

  13. Holy cow, you have a blog? How did I miss that?!? Must add to RSS Reader stat.

    I LOVE your photos and have been following you on Flickr. I think you do an absolutely phenomental job capturing the inspiration and magic I find Southwest Virginia to have. We live in such a beautiful area– Thank you so much for representing it so well.

    P.S. If you don’t mind personal use of your photographs, have you thought about changing your Flickr licensing to the Non-Commerical , Attribution Creative Commons?

  14. Dear D L Ennis
    Your works touch my heart. Thank you for the wonderful photos. You teach us to listen – to look and to hear what nature whispers
    Thank you
    Thank you in name of all at Modus Vivendi http://trustlight.blogspot.com/
    The beauty revives at a moment the light we received becomes shared with other. So while viewing your blog I was greatly awarded.
    Thanks again.

  15. Dear DL (if I may call you that)–I work in a psychiatric hospital and sometimes one needs a moment of true inspirational beauty and peace with which to replenish–you truly have captured the essence of special moments in the blue ridge that indeed gave my heart rest….unbelievable artistry…thanks….

  16. Hi from North Carolina, near the original Cold Mountain. Thank you for your nice comment on my work & for visiting my website. Your work is fabulous! I especially like The Farmhouse image and the one named “August”. Best of luck to you also in AMPC finals. I hope to cross paths with you at some point….

  17. I’ve been looking at your photography and it’s amazing. Im interested in photography and i was wondering what camera you have?

    Much appreciated, danni.

  18. Dennis,
    I am interested in buying a print of “The James River in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and a very pretty day…Taken from the Blue Ridge Parkway…”

    When I click any of the links to contact you, my computer opens up Outlook (not my email app)


  19. Hay bro, love the photography! Im studying Graphic Design in New Zealand and I came across your photography and absolutly love it!
    Would it be alright if I study your photographs and write a paper on you?

  20. Just started to look around the site, so much here…I will be adding you to my blog roll and coming back to do some more viewing…

    Embarking on my own little blogging path (started last week). I find it to be another wonderful form of expression, and a way to share the creative spirit with others. To which you have already beat me to the punch.

  21. Dennis – I love the work and your connection to nature – Nice to see you’re a musician as well. Thanks for allowing the use of your work in small blogs – I used “In The Long Run” for my latest entry to go along with a song I wrote f the same name. – Thanks again – Peace –


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  23. Hello! I stumbled across your website by accident and I am very glad that I did! Your photo’s are amazing and I always look forward to seeing what new things you have to share. Thank you!

  24. I read your article “Feeding the Rich and Starving the Poor” and would like permission to use it as part of a critical analyst research paper I am doing as part of an essay contest on ethics…

  25. I am Ravi from Hyderabad, India. I like travelling a lot. Photography is my second hobby.

    Well coming to the point…I have see your Blueridge Parkway photographs on Flickr. Set on my desktop for months. Those are really awesome. I am very much interested to know the ” Treachrous Highway” Poster information in which there was a truck taking turn from one bend to the other bend. I have done lott of research in Google Earth, but could not locate it. Can you just tell me the exact turn on the highway where it comes. Please guide me landmark wise. First atleast I will see this on the Google Earth and mark it for my next visit in the near future.

    I hope you will understand my enthusiasm..

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  28. I am doing a project in school and i chose to do it on you. you have great landscapes! My teacher is big on “CONCEPTS” of photos. i present on monday and i was wondering if you could tell me something i could add in my presentation. anything at all. Hope you r feeling better.

  29. Ever since I moved to southern California in 1980 from Loudoun County, Va., autumn is a time of heartache for the loss of Blue Ridge and Shenandoah beauty.

    Autumn here is blazing hot, dry as a cobb, and sometimes beaten with merciless Santa Ana winds. Raging wildfires can be horrible affairs.

    Your photographs fill me with joy and peace as they take me home, country roads. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  30. I could not find your email, so I am using your blog. We are looking to produce a natural stain for fences. Part of each sale will go to the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation. In support of that, I would like to have your permission to use your photo of the Blue Ridge split rail fence. Thank you.

  31. Dear Mr. Ennis,
    I happened across your beautiful artistry while searching for photos of Amherst County, VA. I was born in Lynchburg, VA in 1951, but spent a good amount of time on my paternal Grandfather’s farm in Amherst County (Harry Lee Johnson) as a youngster. Grandaddy had about 365 acres in the Blue Ridge mountains and farmed all his life. My dad’s work took me away from all my relatives and beautiful Virginia when I was only 5. Our visits back were seldom, fading into non-existent.
    Oddly, after living all over the eastern half of the US these many years, my wife and I, now empty-nesters, are moving to East Tennessee, about 6 and a half hours from Amherst. So, I’m getting closer to home again… a pilgrimage that has continued interiorly all these years since childhood, only recently understood as such.
    So, your photos of Amherst did bring the fragrance of those childhood days back again. Thank you for sharing them. I would like to have a few for my house, but can’t pay much and wondered what I would need to do to have access to print a couple for that reason. I thoroughly respect your copyright, and just thought I’d ask.

    Kindest regards, and hope this finds you well and still marveling at God’s handiwork in Amherst!

    H .Phillip Johnson

  32. Mr. Ennis, I fell in love with your “Mystical Day on the Appalachian Trail” when I found it two years ago. I have never forgotten it. I have since written a book called A Dog Called Abraham – an adventure set in the Blue Ridge – and will self-publish it. I would love to know how I could go about purchasing the right to use your picture on my cover. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to have found the artist behind that work. I look forward to becoming more familiar with your other works.

  33. Hey your photography is amazing I was wondering if u didnt mind me asking I have been trying to find the glen falls waterfall in augusta co for a while now and no luck can you please in any way give me exact directions i know its on private land and am willing to ask for permission before going near the fall

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