A Pretty day at Maymont

Looking at the stables and, I guess, a fancy silo on a pretty day at Maymont in Richmond, Virginia…

Copyright © 2012/ D L Ennis

7 responses to “A Pretty day at Maymont

  1. Dennis,
    I have been greatly enjoying your photographic tour of Maymont Estate. Oh to have its pleasure gardens as ones own folly. And how proud the plantsmen / gardeners / groundsmen of the age would be to see how their original toil has matured and flourished over the years. – gary

  2. DL thank you for all you have shown me through your photography and words, your blog has been my soft landing spot over the years. Your work is amazing and I will never forget it Thank you for your friendship!

  3. Dennis, I will miss your pictures, your jokes, your music, and most especially, you. You will always be remembered fondly and with love, Your Bro’

  4. Dennis,
    My cherished friend you will be sorely missed, the talks, the laughs, our time at the “gossip’en fence” and the beauty you brought us all. And as much as I will miss you, my heart truly aches for the light of your life, Missy D. Know you will always be remembered with fondness and admiration. – Your pal, gary

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