Sweeney’s Curious Goods

Sweeney’s Curious Goods

Okay, So I walked by Sweeney’s Curious Goods, a shop on Main Street in Lynchburg, Virginia, this morning and Sweeney was hopping up into his sidewalk chair with a cup of coffee. “Going to make some sales today Sweeney?” I asked. “I sure hope to I made a few yesterday.” He replied. “At any rate I’m going to sit right here until a customer shows up!” “Well, I hope you make some sales and have a great day.” I said as I bud him ado.

I walked across the street, turned and looked back toward Sweeney and there he sits chatting with miss fine. I’m going to take him an 8×10 of this image and give him a little tease…he’ll love it and I’ll get a kick from it too!

© 2010 D L Ennis, All rights reserved

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