The End

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This image is me exercising artistic license. It is not meant to frighten or indicate intent. The image is to show a real place where some of us find ourselves from time to time.

I ask that if you are having subsidal thoughts, tell someone, seek help, and know that there are a lot of us out here in the world that understand and care!

D. L.

3 responses to “The End

  1. Dearest Dennis,
    We all live in our own little world of life….full of some joy but also pain and sorrow. Sadly, we bumble along at times so absorbed in our own experiences that we are completely unaware that our brothers and sisters are hurting and need a word spoken to give them hope to continue.
    Please forgive us for not giving you that word that you have needed…. Please forgive me. I have always loved your beautiful expression through the camera lense, and I’m ashamed that I have not told you what a gift you are to me.
    Please know, that although I do not know you personally, I know a piece of your beautiful soul through your “eyes”…how you “see” our world. Your life is a gift to those who look for your world each day…. Your work is an encouragement to those who see you and your world…… Dennis, you are a treasure that we need, and I don’t want to lose you. I am selfish…I want to keep you in my life.
    And there is One who created you because you are a unique soul. There is something about you that this old world needs, and the Lord God knew that when your life began…He put you here. You are not aware of the purpose that you serve most of the time. Your life has an impact that you know nothing about if you are like the rest of us. You are necessary,….you are loved. You hold a place in many hearts that nobody else can replace. ~Sometimes we get so sad that we become blind to good things…we only see the negative. I’ve done that many times as I am sure most folks do. But, I know that there will be a better day around the corner and we must “stay the course.” We don’t know who might need the help tomorrow that only we can give… No one else can do what you can do to help your fellow man…because of your uniqueness. Know what I mean? So, if you quit, who will help that person?
    The truth is, no matter what has happened to you that hurts so badly, you are loved. You are NEEDED. If you destroy your life, you destroy the lives of countless others that your life touches.
    The Lord God loves you. I will not try to force you to hear what is missing from your life , because I am sure that at some point in your life you have heard about Jesus, and how he has provided the escape for you that you need right now. For whatever reasons, you do not believe.
    But believe this, … I am a child of God, and at this moment I am here to give you a message. He loves you. Your life is precious. He is reaching out to you through my word. All you have to do is recieve his love… Look up. Reach out. Seek God…. He is reaching out for you right now. Don’t miss Him.
    Your friend, Linda Lu

  2. Dear Dennis,

    Neither do I know you personally, but my heart has been troubled all day since I saw this photo. I am praying that God will give you peace, and to help you realize that you are special to him and so many others on this earth that do not know you personally, but appreciate you for how you use the talent that God has given you. Please don’t give up! I know that you have been through some major troubles in your life, but taking your own life is not the answer. I am preaching to myself now. I also live with diabetes, and there have been days that I just wanted to give up and I think about it often – too often. Possibly your feelings are a wake up call to others as well. Friend, I pray that things will turn around for you – and please, please reach out to those of us that are worried and concerned for your health and salvation!

  3. Hi Dennis,

    I am not sure what I want to say and not sure if you will be back….I found your website while looking for images of NC and the Blue Ridge Parkway.

    I am going to move there in a few years. I live on Long Island on a piece of land I rent. I am learning how to grow organic food, raising chickens and reconnecting to the earth again. Your website has inspired me to possibly start one of my own. It is very interesting and I have spent the better part of my morning here, looking at photos, reading your short stories and then comments some have left. I was trying to see if you had really left and I am hoping you have not. I so wanted to talk to you about NC and the area and need someone who is knowledgeable.

    I have a dream to create and be part of a collective or community. Ever since I was a little girl, I have had a dream to have a farm. So I have started to practice here on two acres. I found this piece of sacred land in the middle of a plae that has been eaten up by a senior gated community on all sides. It is amazing it is still here. It has an old dilapidated barn, a house that feels like a cabin. It is a little piece of paradise long forgotten. I am here with my animals . You can see some of them on facebook if you care to. My 11 year old daughter is also here as is a woman who needed my help and she mine.

    I would love to meet you and see this beautiful land that surrounds you. It is amazing that you live in a paradise, can see the beauty in all of it and take lasting impressions.

    On the other side of that, it seems like you are in a prison inside yourself. It is like the ice cream is right there on the table and yet you cannot eat it. Am I making sense??

    I have diabetes too but have two good kidneys, I think…. I haven’t checked recently but I am pretty sure they are working fine. I don’t really pay much attention to my body other than can I walk and talk and go about my daily life.

    What am I getting at…hmmmm

    I am not going to go on about how precious you are and how you have made a difference in so many lives. I think others have said that already and they expressed well what many must feel.

    I know that life is continuous and that the spirit and soul never die. These bodies are vessels and when they are used up, we move on. I also know that when we re-enter the ethereal world, we look back and know how precious life really is. All of it, even the horrible and painful is precious, it is all ours.

    All life is energy and you have captured some of the most profound parts of the sacred, simple beauty.

    I just want to tell you how grateful I am that I found this site. I feel I am making the right decision about moving to NC. I have learned that life is over all too soon and I do not care to waist any more time doing things that do not make me happy. So I take every day as a gift. I look for the good I can find and I talk to Spirit everyday, whether it is to show me the best route to take that day or what to do about a future job or, how to help my daughter through her life.

    I say no to things that do not serve me or spirit and pray for others to find their way back to spirit that they may see again, know again, feel peace again.

    We are all connected and when the least of us is in pain, we all feel it, one way or another.

    So I am sending you white healing light, that you may see how sacred life really is, how important your one life is to Spirit and all that exists.

    Blessings dear brother.

    One who sees you, hears you and is one of you.

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