Lasting Peace Cannot be Acquired through Talk

Mr. Christopher speaks of his experience in the Middle East and his success there…the problem with his success there is that at best his methods are a temporary fix…NOT a lasting solution! Israel is speaking to these terrorist and the states that harbor them in the only language they understand! Unfortunately, the complete extermination of these extremist Muslims is the only hope of any semblance of lasting peace in the region.

Below is an excerpt from a Washington Post article by former Secretary of State Warren Christopher.

A Time To Act

By Warren Christopher Secretary of state from 1993 to 1997.

My own experience in the region underlies my belief that in the short term we should focus our efforts on stopping the killing. Twice during my four years as secretary of state we faced situations similar to the one that confronts us today. Twice, at the request of the Israelis, we helped bring the bloodshed to an end.