How to Bring any Capitalistic Nation to its Knees

On the most basic level, what keeps a corporation in business? The workers; those at the bottom of the sociologic ladder; they are the poorest, most mistreated, and underpaid. Capitalism is designed to keep these people in their place and only a select few will progress above the very bottom to the next level, which is next to the bottom. Even fewer will move any higher up the ladder to join the ever shrinking middle class.

We are all slaves, even the rich. However, the rich are slaves to their greed and the lower classes are slaves to their need for food, medical treatment, and the most basic of necessities to survive everyday life. Who is the master of all of us? Capitalism!

In a capitalistic nation—let’s use the United States for example—what do you think would happen if all of a sudden every non-million-heir was given a million dollars? The US would soon be brought to its knees; all of
America’s capitalistic slaves would be freed at once. The majority would quit their jobs as soon as they knew for sure they actually had a million dollars. Military bases would almost become ghost towns as they were abandoned by the lower ranks that can’t wait to get out anyway.

America’s economic state would crumble quickly as factories would shut down do to the lack of a labor force; taxies, buses, trains, and tractor trailers hauling goods would stop running, even the airlines would have to shut down because of the lack of labor. Soon goods, such as food would be spent and these newly freed million heirs would be looking for a way out of the country.

The US government would have no choice but to freeze everyone’s assets and impose marshal law. America would be in turmoil and a rebellion would be imminent and the US would have been brought to its knees. The cost? Less than three million dollars.

Want to test this theory first?

Any wealthy individual or country, that hates the US, and most do, and would like to send my wife and I a million dollars each, is welcome to do so! I think you will be pleased with the results of the test, because we will most assuredly quit our jobs!!!