Learn How the Mass Media Has Distorted the Israel-Lebanon Conflict

A History of Violence: How the Mass Media Has Distorted the Israel-Lebanon Conflict

By Josh Gellers July 20, 2006

Reading the comments made by readers of the Huffington Post always brings a smile to my face and, for better or worse, they usually seem to present a general, albeit limited, consensus on an issue. In terms of the comments made by avid HuffPo readers on both Bill Maher and Arianna Huffington’s articles regarding the Middle East’s most recent neighborhood spat between Israel and Lebanon, the consensus seems to be that people disagree with how Israel is conducting itself. Unfortunately, reading these responses has made this sardonic editorialist acutely aware of the horribly one-sided job that the mass media is doing of depicting the situation and its circumstances.

Read this article by Josh Gellers, a very interesting and informed young man!

UN Chief is Meddling Again

When I was younger and much more naive, I thought that Secretary General Kofi Annan might be a good thing for the UN and the world…boy was I wrong! Mr. Kofi Annan has proved to be a major disappointment and the UN is nothing but a collection of instigators who would just as soon see that the world remain in turmoil to justify their existence.

Here is the latest from Secretary General Kofi Annan…and what does he think a ceasefire would accomplish? What it would do is return things to way they were before the conflict began; nothing would be resolved. Factions like Hezbollah need to be buried once and for all or the middle east will never know peace. Every time a group like Hezbollah pops up they should be met with as much force as possible as soon as possible…it’s the only way to rid your house of roaches.

UN chief say Israel’s response is ‘disproportionate’

UNITED NATIONS The top man at the U-N says it’s time for Israel and the Hezbollah (hez-BUH’-lah) militants to end their hostilities. Secretary General Kofi Annan (KOH’-fee AN’-nan) is telling the Security Council that while the guerrillas must stop their rocket attacks, Israel’s response has been, in his words, “disproportionate.” Annan is also condemning what he calls the “excessive use of force,” and is demanding Israel do more to stop attacks on civilians. He also says Lebanon’s government is now “a hostage to the crisis,” with Israeli actions only increasing support for Hezbollah.

You can read the rest of this bullshit article here.