Christianity and Islam-Blind Faith

While President Bush would like us to believe, without coming out and saying it, that all of Islam is related to terrorism, Islamic extremist seem to be trying to recruit the entire Islamic faith buy preaching that the world is against them.

Just as the Christian right blindly follows Bush who is truly as unfaithful to the true meaning of Christianity as Islamic extremist are to the truth of Islam. It is a dangerous practice to employ!

An article on today, ‘Lebanon crisis an international conspiracy’ is the kind of propaganda being employed by Islamic extremist to build power within there cause. If true believers in Islam blindly follow these tactics as Christians blindly follow Bush then WW III is inevitable.

The two largest religious faiths on Earth are at war and the majority of the believers on each side don’t have a clue why; they are trusting blindly to the most powerful of their ranks.

Israel is the only country justified in their actions, and Islamic extremist have provoked the war which is raging in the Middle East at this time in their bid to see Israel whipped off the map.

The powers that be in the US will only intervene, or allow intervention, if it is beneficial to their capitalistic goals, goals which Bush is perusing, fueled by the new Christian faith which puts money and greed above the welfare and equality of human life.

Complete separation of any form of religious faith, from government, needs to be employed by every government in the world. The way it is now is no different than voting exclusively right or left in the United States; it is completely irresponsible and will never allow for the equality and fairness which is needed to make a more peaceful and balanced US and world.