Are we in the early stages of WWIII?

 New York Daily News

It’s WWIII, and U.S. is out of ideas

By Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Michael Goodwin

“Last week’s headlines prove the point:
North Korea fires missiles, Iran talks of nukes again, Iraq carnage continues, Israel invades Gaza, England observes one-year anniversary of subway bombing. And, oh, yes, the feds stop a plot to blow up tunnels under the Hudson River.

World War III has begun.”

Read the rest of this article here.


I believe that Michael Goodwin, though only grazing the story, has the right idea; World War III has indeed begun. With all that is going on throughout the world today we are headed into a world war which will encompass more countries than any previous war in history. It’s going to be bad and this time we in the US may see it within our own borders.

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