An Intelligent Argument against Intelligent Design

I.D. is Bad Science on Its Own Terms In the comment thread of a previous post, one Intelligent Design advocate protested that I.D. is misunderstood and frequently misrepresented by defenders of evolution, and he offered this pithy definition:

ID is the claim that there exist patterns in nature that are best explained by intelligent agency. ID doesn’t claim to be a default explanation. It is claimed to be a legitimate hypothesis, supported by a large body of evidence, that deserves consideration without being rejected on principle because of a preconceived metaphysical bias.

Read the article in its entirety here.

Uneducated Aliens Receive “Crop Circle” Lessons

If there are any alieans out there who are unsure how to make a “crop circle” fear not, for here you can find instructions.

How to Make a Crop Circle Crop circles (a generic term for the phenomenon of flattened plants) form in many areas of the world, with visual effects ranging from irregular shapes to amazing geometric patterns. The source of their formation is surrounded by controversy (see How to Explain Crop Circles), but there are some crop circles out there that have definitely been made by people. If you’ve ever wanted to explore making crop circles as a skill and an art form, here’s how!

Lasting Peace Cannot be Acquired through Talk

Mr. Christopher speaks of his experience in the Middle East and his success there…the problem with his success there is that at best his methods are a temporary fix…NOT a lasting solution! Israel is speaking to these terrorist and the states that harbor them in the only language they understand! Unfortunately, the complete extermination of these extremist Muslims is the only hope of any semblance of lasting peace in the region.

Below is an excerpt from a Washington Post article by former Secretary of State Warren Christopher.

A Time To Act

By Warren Christopher Secretary of state from 1993 to 1997.

My own experience in the region underlies my belief that in the short term we should focus our efforts on stopping the killing. Twice during my four years as secretary of state we faced situations similar to the one that confronts us today. Twice, at the request of the Israelis, we helped bring the bloodshed to an end.

How to Bring any Capitalistic Nation to its Knees

On the most basic level, what keeps a corporation in business? The workers; those at the bottom of the sociologic ladder; they are the poorest, most mistreated, and underpaid. Capitalism is designed to keep these people in their place and only a select few will progress above the very bottom to the next level, which is next to the bottom. Even fewer will move any higher up the ladder to join the ever shrinking middle class.

We are all slaves, even the rich. However, the rich are slaves to their greed and the lower classes are slaves to their need for food, medical treatment, and the most basic of necessities to survive everyday life. Who is the master of all of us? Capitalism!

In a capitalistic nation—let’s use the United States for example—what do you think would happen if all of a sudden every non-million-heir was given a million dollars? The US would soon be brought to its knees; all of
America’s capitalistic slaves would be freed at once. The majority would quit their jobs as soon as they knew for sure they actually had a million dollars. Military bases would almost become ghost towns as they were abandoned by the lower ranks that can’t wait to get out anyway.

America’s economic state would crumble quickly as factories would shut down do to the lack of a labor force; taxies, buses, trains, and tractor trailers hauling goods would stop running, even the airlines would have to shut down because of the lack of labor. Soon goods, such as food would be spent and these newly freed million heirs would be looking for a way out of the country.

The US government would have no choice but to freeze everyone’s assets and impose marshal law. America would be in turmoil and a rebellion would be imminent and the US would have been brought to its knees. The cost? Less than three million dollars.

Want to test this theory first?

Any wealthy individual or country, that hates the US, and most do, and would like to send my wife and I a million dollars each, is welcome to do so! I think you will be pleased with the results of the test, because we will most assuredly quit our jobs!!!

Reader Report Quantifies Potter’s positive impact on kids

If it gets kids reading it can’t be anything but good!

American publishers of the Harry Potter books, Scholastic, has published results of a study today that shows that the Harry Potter series has a positive impact on kids’ reading and their school work, particularly among boys.

“While the overwhelming success of Harry Potter is undeniable, this study quantifies for the first time the impact children and parents believe the series has had on helping kids to read and learn and indicates that the right book can even lure older kids to stay engaged with reading” stated Dr. Hal Quinley from Yankelovich. “The Harry Potter series is exactly the kind of book that helps parents and kids stay connected and enjoy reading together.”

The Kids and Family Reading Report, released by Yankelovich, a consumer trends and tracking company, has quantified for the first time the impact Harry Potter has had on kids’ reading attitudes and behaviors, according to a release. More than 50 percent of Harry Potter readers ages 5-17 say that they didn’t read for fun before HP, and 65 percent say they have been doing better in school since starting to read the series. Furthermore, 89 percent of parents say that reading HP has helped their child enjoy reading, and 76 percent say reading HP has helped their child do better in school.

The study also shows that more boys than girls have read Harry Potter, and a larger number of boys than girls didn’t read for fun before HP. While 63 percent of boys say it was important to read HP to fit in with their friends, only 44 percent of girls said the same.

Nearly 60 percent of kids aged 9-11 have read the books, and 70 percent say they are interested in reading or re-reading them, while 63 percent of kids ages 12-14 have read the books and 69 percent are interested in reading or re-reading them.

When the Harry Potter books are finished, said half of the survey’s respondents, kids will be on the lookout for a new series. One in three will re-read. Aboout 27 percent will look for JKR’s next book.

“Only once in a lifetime does a children’s literary phenomenon like Harry Potter come along,” stated Lisa Holton, President, Scholastic Book Fairs and Trade Publishing. “Harry Potter has become part of our culture, and what it has done so magically is to prove that even in the digital age, well-written books are and will remain a great source of enjoyment and enrichment for adult and young readers.”

I found this story at the Leaky Cauldron.

Learn How the Mass Media Has Distorted the Israel-Lebanon Conflict

A History of Violence: How the Mass Media Has Distorted the Israel-Lebanon Conflict

By Josh Gellers July 20, 2006

Reading the comments made by readers of the Huffington Post always brings a smile to my face and, for better or worse, they usually seem to present a general, albeit limited, consensus on an issue. In terms of the comments made by avid HuffPo readers on both Bill Maher and Arianna Huffington’s articles regarding the Middle East’s most recent neighborhood spat between Israel and Lebanon, the consensus seems to be that people disagree with how Israel is conducting itself. Unfortunately, reading these responses has made this sardonic editorialist acutely aware of the horribly one-sided job that the mass media is doing of depicting the situation and its circumstances.

Read this article by Josh Gellers, a very interesting and informed young man!

UN Chief is Meddling Again

When I was younger and much more naive, I thought that Secretary General Kofi Annan might be a good thing for the UN and the world…boy was I wrong! Mr. Kofi Annan has proved to be a major disappointment and the UN is nothing but a collection of instigators who would just as soon see that the world remain in turmoil to justify their existence.

Here is the latest from Secretary General Kofi Annan…and what does he think a ceasefire would accomplish? What it would do is return things to way they were before the conflict began; nothing would be resolved. Factions like Hezbollah need to be buried once and for all or the middle east will never know peace. Every time a group like Hezbollah pops up they should be met with as much force as possible as soon as possible…it’s the only way to rid your house of roaches.

UN chief say Israel’s response is ‘disproportionate’

UNITED NATIONS The top man at the U-N says it’s time for Israel and the Hezbollah (hez-BUH’-lah) militants to end their hostilities. Secretary General Kofi Annan (KOH’-fee AN’-nan) is telling the Security Council that while the guerrillas must stop their rocket attacks, Israel’s response has been, in his words, “disproportionate.” Annan is also condemning what he calls the “excessive use of force,” and is demanding Israel do more to stop attacks on civilians. He also says Lebanon’s government is now “a hostage to the crisis,” with Israeli actions only increasing support for Hezbollah.

You can read the rest of this bullshit article here.

Talk is Cheap-Give Them Hell Israel

Israel is speaking to terrorists groups-Hezbollah and Hamas-in the only language they understand.

This from the same article, from Voice of America, as below:

As Senator Biden was speaking, White House spokesman Tony Snow was telling reporters the U.S. is stepping up diplomatic efforts.

However, responding to a reporter’s question, he said those will not include any direct high-level contacts between President Bush and Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. “There is absolutely no reason to assume, based on the track record, that negotiations and conversations with the Syrians would yield any fruit,” he said.”

US Lawmakers Prepare for Vote on Resolution Supporting

U.S. House of Representatives will vote Thursday on a strong resolution supporting
Israel in its conflict with Hezbollah and Hamas. The lawmakers held an extended debate Wednesday on the crisis in the
Middle East.

House lawmakers support
Israel’s right to use appropriate action to defend itself against attacks.

They say such defense includes conducting operations both in
Israel and the territory of nations posing a threat to it, under Article 51 of the U.N. Charter.

Christianity and Islam-Blind Faith

While President Bush would like us to believe, without coming out and saying it, that all of Islam is related to terrorism, Islamic extremist seem to be trying to recruit the entire Islamic faith buy preaching that the world is against them.

Just as the Christian right blindly follows Bush who is truly as unfaithful to the true meaning of Christianity as Islamic extremist are to the truth of Islam. It is a dangerous practice to employ!

An article on today, ‘Lebanon crisis an international conspiracy’ is the kind of propaganda being employed by Islamic extremist to build power within there cause. If true believers in Islam blindly follow these tactics as Christians blindly follow Bush then WW III is inevitable.

The two largest religious faiths on Earth are at war and the majority of the believers on each side don’t have a clue why; they are trusting blindly to the most powerful of their ranks.

Israel is the only country justified in their actions, and Islamic extremist have provoked the war which is raging in the Middle East at this time in their bid to see Israel whipped off the map.

The powers that be in the US will only intervene, or allow intervention, if it is beneficial to their capitalistic goals, goals which Bush is perusing, fueled by the new Christian faith which puts money and greed above the welfare and equality of human life.

Complete separation of any form of religious faith, from government, needs to be employed by every government in the world. The way it is now is no different than voting exclusively right or left in the United States; it is completely irresponsible and will never allow for the equality and fairness which is needed to make a more peaceful and balanced US and world.